Understanding the Real Importance of Mouth Guards

Mouth GuardWhat would you do without some or all of your teeth? As you can imagine, talking, chewing, and even smiling would be a challenge! So, how do you protect your teeth? One great way to do so is with a mouth guard.

Unfortunately, not everyone who should wear a mouth guard actually does. Whether you're participating in a sport or grinding your teeth at night, a mouth guard could be critical. By learning more about them, you can make an informed decision as to whether to wear one.

Key Benefits of Wearing a Mouth Guard

A mouth guard covers the teeth and prevents injuries from contact sports like basketball, football, soccer, wrestling, and also damage from teeth grinding. Key benefits include:

1. Protection Against Tooth Fractures, Displacement, and Loss - If you play a sport, you're at an increased risk of tooth fractures, displacement, or loss depending upon how hard you're hit. A mouth guard can help minimize the impact, protecting your teeth and preventing costly dental repairs.

2. Protection Against Soft Tissue Injuries - If you play a sport, you could easily injure your tongue or cheeks with your teeth by applying too much pressure. A mouth guard will keep you from biting too hard and protects vulnerable soft tissues.

3. Protection Against Jaw Fractures - When you sustain a blow or pressure to your head, your teeth may knock together and, if the pressure is too great, it can result in a jaw fracture. A mouth guard can cushion the blow and potentially prevent an oral health disaster.

4. Protection Against Issues Caused by Teeth Grinding - If you grind your teeth, you may experience popping and clicking of the jaw joint or even migraines due to spams in the muscles around your jaw. Wearing a mouth guard at night will protect your teeth and jaw from grinding and clenching.

Types of Mouth Guards

There are three primary types of mouth guards:

Prevention is Key to Maintaining Good Oral Health

Good oral health begins with preventative measures including flossing daily, getting regular dental cleanings, and possibly wearing a mouth guard. Whether you play sports or grind your teeth at night, a mouth guard offers essential protection to keep your teeth safe and your smile looking great.


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