Understanding Dental Care for Diabetes

What does oral health have in common with diabetes? A lot when you consider that high blood sugar can affect your entire body including your teeth and gums.

Diabetes, when uncontrolled, compromises white blood cell functionality. Because white blood cells are the body's main defense against bacterial infections in the mouth, this makes understanding dental care for diabetes imperative.

Dental Health Risks for Individuals with Diabetes

If you have diabetes and do not control the condition through diet, exercise, and/or medication, you're at increased risk for several oral health problems:

Dental Care Tips for Those with Diabetes

It's vital to monitor your oral health closely if you have diabetes because small changes can signal more serious problems. There are things you can do to protect against the common dental health risks mentioned above:

Preventative Care Protects Your Oral (and General) Health

If you have diabetes, you can never be too careful with the measures you take to protect yourself from infection, especially of the mouth.

By taking the tips above into consideration, you can reduce the likelihood of being affected by one of the many dental health risks unique to those with diabetes. Doing so will be beneficial not only for your teeth and gums, but for your holistic health as well.


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