Accelerated Orthodontics: How to Straighten Your Teeth Faster

Traditional braces produce great results, however it takes several years for that to happen. What if you could achieve the same results in much less time? With accelerated orthodontics, you can (and often in under a year)!

By understanding the procedure and its advantages, you can determine if accelerated orthodontics might be right for you.

The Accelerated Orthodontic Procedure

Accelerated orthodontics works due to a minor surgical procedure performed approximately one week after braces have been applied.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia by a periodontist to alter the gums and bones holding your teeth in place. This stimulates oral structures and overcomes limitations of the traditional orthodontic treatment resulting in slow teeth transport. It is relatively painless, producing discomfort similar to a dental cleaning.

Once the procedure is complete, your orthodontist will administer treatment similar to traditional orthodontics. However, due to the procedure, it will take months rather than years.

Types of Braces Used in Accelerated Orthodontics

Three primary types of braces can be used in accelerated orthodontic treatment:

Advantages of Accelerated Orthodontics

There are several benefits of accelerated orthodontics, some of which include:

Get the Straight Smile You Want in Less Time Than You Thought Possible

With a comparable cost, quicker treatment times, and enhanced, longer-lasting outcomes, accelerated orthodontics are a leading alternative for adults that want to straighten their teeth.

Three to eight months separate you from the smile you've always wanted. Don't settle and wait years with traditional orthodontics when you can achieve superior results by taking the accelerated route!


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